Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween was fun filled as always at the Wade Household. We started the season out with the Legoland Costume Contest. My friends Annie and Mel came down one Friday night to help work ont he costumes. Thomas and Madigan entered the Legoland Costume Contest the following day. Madigan won her category (Most Imaginative) which had about 60 children competing, but sadly Thomas did not win his category - Funniest. A werewolf doing a handstand won... of course I thought his Munchkin costume was better. Madigan did make a cute "Swiss Miss" cup of hot chocolate.

We took a trip out to Bates Nut Farm - to pick up our pumpkins. We went on a weekday afternoon because the kids had half days due to parent-teacher conferences. Bates was nearly empty and I vow never to go there on a weekend again. We took Madigan's best friend Nicole and of course, Chris and Hannah.We carved our pumpkins on Thursday the 30th of October. Unfortunately, Madigan's pumpkin from Bates Nut Farm had already started to rot. I ran out (the night before Halloween) to pick up a replacement... Ha - FAT CHANCE. At my third stop, I found a small pumpkin that was in okay condition that I paid $5 to bring home. Madigan was a little disappointed, but she made the best of it deciding to carve Minnie Mouse on her mini pumpkin. Thomas carved his pumpkin almost all on his own this year. We made a gingerbread haunted house... I think more candy was eaten than used for decorations.
Halloween morning, Patrick went into work a little late to go to the Torrey Hills elementary Halloween Parade. I had to take pictures for the yearbook, so he took care of Madigan getting ready and he took video for posterity. This is Thomas and Madigan before school. This is Thomas and Chris during the parade... they created quite a round of applause. They won most creative for the 4th grade.

After school, we had 17 kids at the house for a pre Trick or Treating party.

There was apple bobbing... the yellow one was worth the most points, then the green and then the red apples.There was the spider ring toss... it looked bigger in the Oriental Trader Catalog. The Jack-O-Lantern Jump (potato sack race) was a huge hit.As was the "Mummy Wrap" - yes 5 minutes to turn your partner into a mummy with a roll of toilet paper. The donut eating contest was messy as usual.
We had a scavenger hunt in other yards... no pictures but for the record the girls beat the boys.

We had popcorn balls
And Linda made a pumpkin shaped corn bread to go with the chili I made for the adults. The kids had Mummy Dogs... hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls.
Pat and I were exhausted by the end of the party... sadly he had duty up at Port Huneme (last drill up there) on November 1st... so he had a 4 hour drive to look forward to after Trick or Treating. He is a trooper...
This is in the front yard just before starting to Trick or Treat. The kids are standing with our "Scarecrows". The big one scared me every time I tried to back out of the driveway!
And here is the haul.
Thomas' pile is always smaller than Madigan's due to the elimination of all peanut products. He did change costumes mid Trick or Treating because it was hard to see and move as a Midget. He makes a fine Mad Scientist.