Monday, September 7, 2009

"I Will" by Thomas P. Wade

"Summer is over and it is time to get serious about my school work and how I will be successful this year. I am now in the 5th grade at Torrey Hills Elementary and I have decided to set certain goals for myself. These goals will be in the areas of personal, academic and family goals. Working on these goals will come before watching TV and playing video games. Setting goals and writing them down is one way to make sure I do my best and keep myself focused on what is important.
For my personal goal, I WILL learn to play the guitar at least at a beginner level this year. To achieve this goal I will get a guitar lesson book and video, I already have the guitar. I will learn the musical notes and I will practice the guitar for an hour at least three times a week. I really like playing guitar hero and I have become pretty good at the game, but I know that playing a real guitar is different and a little bit harder. It will take a lot of concentration and practice for me to learn to play the guitar, but when I do I will be able to play songs for myself, my friends and my family.
For my academic goal, I WILL get straight A’s this school year. This goal will show that I have done my very best in school. To achieve this goal I will be on time to class, I will do my homework every day, I will pay attention in class, and I won’t wait until the last day to prepare for tests and projects. I will work hard in all subjects even if they are not my favorite subjects. This last part may be the most difficult because sometimes it is hard to get excited about all subjects, but I will stay focused and do my best and I know I can get straight A’s.
For my family goal, I WILL take more responsibility as a member of my family. My Father works full-time at his job. My Mother recently went back to work full-time. Both my parents must travel for business and they need help to keep the house in good order. I will do more jobs around the house such as doing my laundry, cleaning my room, cleaning up around the house, clearing dishes from the table, picking up the mail, listening to my parents, being helpful with my sister and helping my family when needed.
Next year when I have finished these goals, I will make new ones. I will never stop trying to reach my goals and I hope to have fun while accomplishing them. When I achieve all of these goals, I will be very proud of myself and I will have made a difference for my future and my family. "