Monday, July 2, 2007

You oughta be in pictures

I know some of you would love for me to send some pictures of my adventures over here and I would be glad to, however, the internet speed is quite slow here and pictures tend to bog down both our systems. So if you would like to see some pictures, Rebecca has posted plenty of them on my blog at Go check it out. After having said that, I did attach a few humorous pictures with captions by yours truly; just to keep the mood light.

You might wonder what the weather is like over here. It seems this is one of the safest conversation topics and everyone is always interested in talking about the weather. When I first arrived in April, the weather was quite beautiful. It was sunny and 85 degrees. It reminded me of San Diego. Now as the summer has come the weather is getting a little bit warmer. We now get temperatures that range from 85 during cloudy days to 108 on sunny days. It's a dry heat though. You do have to be careful to stay out of the sun and drink plenty of liquids. Of course, when the summer ends the weather changes quickly and we get snow as early as October in some places. In the middle of winter I hear it gets in the single digits; I will be sure and bundle up then.

This week I visited the Central Workshop where they repair and make many items. Their repair facility works on weapons of all sorts, and vehicles. They have several shops that make various items like license plates, small gun parts, medallions and plaques. It really was quite interesting seeing the array of things they work on. Nothing is very automated here and there are groups of people who work with very old machinary to fix and make the items at the facility. As I wandered around it was like being in the 1800's based on the old buildings and the equipment they were using.

The warehouses are moving along and we are working on a couple buildings and grounds improvements to make it better for the workers. In addition, we are working on some inventory projects and making space as we plan for some upcoming receipts. There is always lots of activity and it certainly does make the time go by more quickly.

On the home front, the kids are doing their summer activities; swimming, various camps, and of course Taekwondo. Rebecca is still working hard with iMetrikus and planning parties. Madigan turns 6 on July 2nd and had her party on Sunday. I wish I could have been there for her.

Peace to you all,


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