Friday, September 21, 2007

Non-Potable Water

Here is a sign you don't see often in the United States, "Non-Potable Water". The complete sign actually reads, "Non-Potable Water, do not drink or brush your teeth with this water." So this water is so bad that you don't even want it touching your lips or teeth for fear it may get into your system. Non-potable water is a term meaning the water is not fit to drink, of course it is OK to shower in. I am not sure what is in it because I left my portable water testing kit at home, but my guess is there are nice little germs in there just looking for a crevice to attack. Don't worry my skin is not falling off or anything like that and I am sure the rash will go away in time (just kidding).

We have plenty of bottled water here to drink and brush our teeth with so I make sure and brush my teeth once a week whether they need it or not. I thought about showering with bottled water but it was really hard to rinse my hair and I ended up with some really flat hair. So I take my chances with the water and will go through a deep cleaning when I finally get home. Maybe I can go to one of those stations where they spray you down after you have been in a building that has been infected with some rare airborne disease.

This week we had the DOD IG inspectors here. We gave some briefs and toured several facilities. I made sure to give them lots of tap water in hopes they would all get sick and the inspection would end sooner; I did not get any takers though. Actually, the inspections went well and they were a good group of guys.

Back on the homefront, our good friend Stacey was married. I have known Stacey for about 14 years and I have seen her grow up. It is hard to believe she is married now. Rebecca gave a lot of support, making favors, programs and flower arrangments. I am sure it was a wonderful event.

Peace to you all,


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