Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thanks to Veterans

It was veterans day this past Sunday, so I would like to say thank you to all you veterans out there. I am proud to be among you and whether you served a long time ago or are serving now, the United States is better for your service. It was also the Marine Corps Birthday this week, November 10th. Happy Birthday Marine Corps.

I am swamped this week so this update will be short. Just want to make sure you all know that I am doing fine. It has been a busy week. Had several meetings with my Afghan counterparts, working on many projects. It seems we are always trying to catch up with so many initiatives ongoing. We are revamping how we train and outfit the Afghan National Police, in addition to keeping up with our regular shipments of equipment to both the ANP and ANA. I am looking forward to my break at Christmas time, it is just about a month away so I am getting close. We had a few new people arrive to replace those who are leaving or who have left already. That is always a nice thing because it means I am getting closer to coming home. I made contact with my relief this week and that is a real good thing to know that my relief is already identified and eager to come over here (well not really, but he has a lot of questions.)

Back on the homefront, this week was parent teacher conferences so it was short days for school. Rebecca had a little less free time with the kids around more. With the fires the week before, the kids were out of school and this past week they had short days, I am sure Rebecca wants a break. Editor's Note: Rebecca is losing what was left of her mind... this was a three day weekend for the kids too! Free time is not exactly what I have when the kids are in school... there's that whole work thing that takes up most of that time. It just means that when they don't have school, I have the kids with me on trips to the grocery store etc. And anyone who has kids knows what a joy it is to have two kids with you when you are trying to shop. Yes, I actually did break down and buy them Lunchables last week.

Peace to you all,


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