Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back in the US

You may remember the old song by Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass called, "I love to live in America". The sentiment is oh so true. Our group landed in Norfolk, VA on Easter Sunday and the first thing you notice is the clean and clear air. There is no dirt and smog, and you can see the sky so clearly. Sometimes it is the little things we take for granted that become what we are most grateful. After we got over our short return to nature, we started figuring out where to get beer for the rest of the day. Alcoholic beverages are the next thing for which we were thankful. Being Easter Sunday, we were a bit worried about finding a store open. Fortunately, the handy local 7-11 was open and we grabbed a few well deserved beers.

The week in Norfolk was spent examining our records and then conducting our final processing back to US Navy Reserve status. Many of us were frustrated with the lack of coordination and communication from the Norfolk processing site. This caused many of us to have to stay an extra day.

On Thursday, I finished my processing and did catch a flight out that afternoon. Unfortunately, I could not convince the Norfolk site process my ticket to San Diego, so I travelled to Los Angeles. Upon arrival to LAX, I had to figure out how to get to San Diego. I tried to work with the Reserve Center in Port Hueneme to book a flight to San Diego but that didn't work out too well. Stranded at LAX, I decided to try and rent a car. The first rental company did not have availible cars, so I headed over to Hertz where they proceeded to take care of me. The line was incredibly long, but I am used to standing around in lines and getting abused now... so I was pretty numb. I did finally rent a car, although I paid too much, and drove to my house that evening. I finally got to see Rebecca and the kids that night around 9:30 PM. Everything worked out in the end and I am finally home. It's great relaxing at home and enjoying doing nothing except hanging out with Rebecca and the kids.

Back on the homefront, (oh yeah... that's where I am) Thomas had a baseball game. I actually got to see this one. Madigan had a softball game, which I was also able to see. Today I spent a couple hours playing baseball with them both and working on some ball skills. It is great being able to play with them. We are all much happier.

Peace to you all,


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