Monday, May 5, 2008

Waves, Wades, and Welcome Backs

The Party was FUN, FUN, FUN! I'm still unpacking from the weekend - but I wanted to post some pictures. If you have pictures, send me a disk with the jpg's so that I can put them on the DVD (not kidding, I'm making a DVD of the weekend).

Highlights included:

*T-shirts created by Clare (logo above), yes mostly blue and green. We wore them Friday night on the beach, I think the other hotel guest were jealous.

* "Flat Pat" was a huge hit, he is now somewhere at WD-40. OK - I'll explain. I ordered a "Flat Daddy" in October, free to military families so that there loved one can come with them to events etc. It arrived on Thursday at 5pm (we left the house on Friday at noon). Clare got in from Boston at 9pm and after a beer or two decided that we absolutely needed to mount the picture on foam core board and put him on a stick.

Which was a good thing... the conga line had "Flat Pat" as their leader and 'Flat Pat" made the rounds with the guests getting him into many precarious positions.

* Mai Tai's were a HUGE hit, thanks Mark. I had 2 or 3 myself. Keith and Robert's Long Island Ice Tea was redubbed "jet fuel" and I think most people only had one for fear of falling down on the deck. We only had 4 cases of beer leftover of the 22 that we bought... I think other people brought beer too. This included beer consumed Friday night and Saturday on the beach with Rubio's fish tacos. Nothing is better than being on the beach with good friends, a Corona, and a Rubio's fish taco.

* Funky Pox was SPECTACULAR. Fun, Fun, Fun and they played overtime. If you ever need a fabulous band for an event in San Diego, call me for their contact information.

*Phil's BBQ was outstanding as always (sorry, I forgot to order a vegetatian alternate for some of the guests).

* The decorating committee did a wonderful job and the centerpieces by Selma were perfect (as always).

*MANGANO was on their best behavior and got along with everyone (surprise).

They didn't make the next table cry. They weren't here for a long time, they were here for a good time. We missed the members of MANGANO who could not be there... but don't worry, we talked about you!

The Pat's (Wade and Meriwether) look so much better in shorts on the beach (rather than in full battle rattle).

And best of all, I have my husband back!

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