Monday, July 7, 2008


When Patrick was leaving for Afghanistan, he made a deal with Madigan that they would get a dog when he returned. While Patrick was gone, however, Thomas' allergy doctor discovered that he is allergic to dogs and cats amongst many other things. The doctor said that even though some breeds have hair instead of fur, that they still produce allergens specifically in their salvia. The doctor said "No dogs" and Thomas was a happy camper, since the only dog he wants is our old dog Tessa (who passes away 7 years ago). But Madigan was very unhappy.
My friend Lisa finally caved in on the pet front with her daughter Kelsey last November. For Kelsey's birthday, Lisa and Tim adopted a pet Lionhead rabbit affectionately known as Pepper, a.k.a. "Sir Poops-a-lot". Madigan went to Kelsey's bunny birthday party and set her sights on a pet rabbit. WELL, this spring Lisa's neighbor bred her pet Lionhead bunny "Simba" with another neighbor's rabbit "Max". Simba gave birth to 7 baby bunnies on Tuesday May 20th and Lisa called right away. Only 6 of the babies survived, and ultimately Madigan had first choice on which bunny to take home. Orginally she wanted one of the 3 white ones... I thought the gray one was the cutest.

We went over about once a week to visit the bunnies, I started to like one of the white bunnies. But when it was fianlly her time to choose which bunny to bring home... Madigan picked the gray bunny. He is the runt of the litter and the most docile... and she wanted a bunny that wanted to be held all of the time.

For her birthday, we bought Madigan this bunny hutch. We refer to it as the bunny condo and keep it on the front porch so that snakes and other animals can't get to it.

On Sunday July 6th - 4 days after her 7th birthday, Madigan was allowed to take the bunny home. yes that is a bunny on leash that Lisa made for Madigan's birthday.

We went through a lot of names before we came up with one that Madigan loved. She named him "Dustbunny" and calls him "Dusty" for short.
These are real dust bunnies...

Madigan is one happy girl... and has forgotten all about getting a dog!


MagicByLeah said...

What a touching story!!

That little gray bunny is adorable and Madigan is one lucky girl

Sending love from a Navy Vet :)

Anonymous said...

Can you post the manufacturer and model of the bunny condo. Lovely story!