Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shopping for Madigan's First Communion Dress

Yesterday I took Madigan shopping for her First Communion dress. Linda came along to help with the decision making. We picked up Selma and her mom and they took us to a dress shop down in Chula Vista. It is called "Little Kids Wear" and they had the largest assortment of First Communion dresses I have ever seen. Madigan tried on 9 of them. Gram, click on the gray arrow in the bottom left of the box below, and it will start a slideshow.

The very first one in the slide show was the one she originally chose to purchase until Linda had her try it on again. The first thing she said was that the arms were "itchy". So we had to go with her #2 choice (but the one that I think I liked best).

This is the one she chose, but Mrs. Penolio is going to add some more embellishments. I have a claddagh applique for the front. And we want to replace the buckle with a claddagh pin. I'm hoping to add some trinity knots to the veil as well.

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Madeline` said...

I saw the dresses my teacher is here, I sould never do this by myself