Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Christmas Card & Letter

Hooray for Holy Wood! Amazing how removing one letter from a word can alter the meaning so significantly. Yes that really is the Hollywood sign, I just Photoshopped it a bit.

Thomas is in the fifth grade and turning eleven this month, officially a ‘tween. He is still having fun playing Little League and this year he played flag football. Thomas and his good friend Jack won “Most Original” as Santa and an elf in the school Halloween costume contest. Yes they knew they mixed up the holidays, and apparently that is hilarious. For years Thomas has been trying to pull a tooth out on December 24th so that Santa and the Tooth Fairy collide. Thomas is still a minimalist and happiest hanging out with his friends playing Wii and Beatles Rock Band. He is as always easy to please and oh so much like his Dad.

Madigan is eight years old and in the third grade. Princesses are now history; hello Hannah Montana. The love of her life still remains her bunny Dusty. Her softball helmet has a picture of a grey bunny painted on it. Thanks to our friend Mark’s costume engineering, Madigan and her friend Nicole won as a runaway roller coaster in the school costume contest this year. Madigan’s new talent is playing Jingle Bells on her keyboard… but that’s it, over and over. We really need to sign her up for piano lessons.

Commander Wade is now retired. As of 1 November 2009, Patrick is a retired Navy Officer. For the first time since 1983, Patrick does not have a CO or an XO or a uniform – weird. As a member of the WD-40 Tribe, Pat is Vice President, Global Innovation Sourcing Management. Look for the many new WD-40 innovations to be introduced to the market during 2010. There are some in our garage and they are amazing.

In July, I accepted an offer for full time career employment for the first time in ten years. My new position is as a product manager for an analytic software product for McKesson Health Solutions. Yes, nearly the same title as my last full time job in 1999; working again for Rose. The job is challenging, but my new co-workers make it worth it. I am learning a lot from them. I work 3 weeks a month from home and 1 week a month in Boston. Perfect.

Our big project for 2010 is overhauling our backyard. We are planning on building a pool. We hope this will get Clare and her boys to come out more often. Kelly McDonald will come if there is a pool boy and no little boys.

I always wonder if people are sick of getting so many pictures from us. That question was answered by acquaintances of ours who lost their home in the fires of 2007. They told us that everything that they share or gave away came back to them after they lost their house. Every picture they sent to others they have today, but everything that they kept to themselves they lost. Yes, you are my back-up.

May the love that emanates from the Holy Family embrace your family this Christmas season.

Rebecca, Patrick, Thomas and Madigan (and Dusty) Wade

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