Thursday, January 31, 2008

It stinks to get old

This goes under the category "It stinks to get old." I was chewing on a piece of candy, yes we have lots of candy here as everyone keeps sending packages with lots of treats. Well, I was chewing on a piece of candy and all of sudden I felt something solid as I chewed... and I was eating a soft piece of candy. So this clued me in that something is not quite right. I reach in and pull out the solid piece. It was my crown from my lower left molar. It popped right off and I am now saving it in a glass of water, actually a water bottle I cut in half as I did not have a glass to put it in. I was thinking about telling people it is a Taliban tooth (normally we collect ears, but teeth would work), but it is a bit too white to have been in the mouth of a Taliban terrorist who has been running around the mountains. (I hear they don't brush their teeth often, that is gross and just another reason not to like the Taliban).

A part of aging , you start to have dental problems and I had this crown put on a few years ago. Fortunately it is in good shape and I am sure it can be replaced on my tooth. Unfortunately, we do not have a dentist at Camp Eggers and the dentist at Camp Phoenix just left theater, so I may be sticking this thing back on with superglue. I will have to find a way to get to the dentist at Bagram. Until I can get to a dentist, I will be chewing on one side of my mouth and looking like a hillbilly. On top of this, I had cracked a crown on the back right side of my mouth a few months ago, so maybe I should get that one fixed while I am at it.

Work is very busy as my boss is on leave and many of us are covering for him. We still have many projects in the works and the ANA and ANP continue to grow. I am still fully engaged and working to make sure all the units are outfitted with gear. I am sure "senioritis" will set in for me in about another month and a half. Until then, there is much to do. I am refocusing to take care of myself a bit more. For many months now, I have been working non-stop and not taking time to workout. I am now making time to workout and make sure I balance my work and health.

Back on the homefront, Rebecca and the kids are fully engaged in school, work and daily activities. Rebecca continues to plan my homecoming, our cruise and improvements around the house. It still amazes me how she gets it all done. Thomas is starting baseball soon, unfortunately I was not able to be there for him during his tryouts. Madigan is starting softball and I am hopeful she will enjoy the experience.

Peace to you all,


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