Sunday, February 3, 2008

Third Grade Mass at Saint Therese of Carmel

From the Editor (Rebecca):

Today was the Mass with Children at our parish (Saint Therese of Carmel), hosted by the third grade. Thomas was asked to read two of the Prayers of the Faithful. When I received the copy of the prayers, I asked if we could augment one of them a bit. The original read: "That the leaders of nations may serve their people, acting decisively and courageously as peacemakers." Thomas has been bugging me to speak up and add a prayer for Patrick's saftey when Father opens up the Prayers of the Faithful to the congregation. For some reason, I just can never do it. The words get choked up in my throat and usually someone else offers a prayer for the military overseas. I asked Thomas if I should ask the Faith Formation coordinator if we could add a prayer for the military and specifically Patrick. He agreed and the coordinator added a prayer for Patrick and other parents serving overseas. I have a nicer video (this clip is from my little point and shoot camera) but it's too large to upload to the blog.

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