Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thomas Turns Ten Today!

Thomas Patrick Wade was born at 11:11pm on December 30, 1998. It just doesn't seem like 10 years ago. Patrick and I met at Ann and Paul Buck's wedding on December 30, 1989. We were engaged on December 30, 1990. And we close on our first home on December 30, 1993. We buried Patrick's brother, Thomas Marcus Wade, on December 30, 1994. I remember coming down the stairs before Tom's funeral and telling Patrick that if we ever had a son that we should name him Thomas.

Thomas was 12 days overdue and my doctor induced labor on December 29th. By 7pm on December 30th (the next day!), Dr. Kelly determined that he needed to deliver the baby by cesarean section. He gave Patrick and I the option of having the baby on December 30th or December 31st. I believe he said something to the effect of "I could go to dinner and do the procedure later and the baby will be born after midnight OR I could get you prepped now and the baby will be born today." It was an easy choice, December 30th.

And now it's been 10 years. Wow. I made the following slideshow as a birthday present for Thomas. This one is a bit shorter (I can only upload a 100mb file to the blog) and a bit harder to see in this small fame. The one he will watch in the morning will be on a 46" TV. I really hope he likes it. I put a few pictures from each of his birthdays set to some birthday music.

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