Friday, January 16, 2009

Madigan's First Reconciliation

Madigan received a sacrament yesterday, First Reconciliation. It was a beautiful service, nothing at all like my first confession. We had the chance to take some photos on the side of our church. OK, I'll admit it I was taking practice shots for First Communion which will be on May 23rd. Yes the dress was a Christmas gift from Uncle Gordy and Aunt Linda. And her tooth was fixed a few days before - so BIG smiles!

Waiting with Dad for the service to start.
And a picture with her Faith Formation teacher - ME!
Opening blessing in front of the baptismal font.
After confessing their sins for the first time, at the foot of the the crucifix, the kids place a paper heart where they have written the names of all of the people that they love and who helped them prepare for this sacrament. There is a family prayer recited at each station.
Then we moved to the paschal candle and lit a candle.
We used that candle to light Madigan's baptismal candle. We then walked down the main aisle to the baptismal font. For a final prayer and blessing.

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