Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flight out of Kuwait on Saturday

From the Editor: Patrick just called and he has a flight schedule… keep in mind that everything is subject to change. He is now leaving Kuwait on a military charter at 6:20am on Saturday morning 12/22. This charter will be going from Kuwait through Shannon, Ireland and then to Dallas (skipping the Atlanta stop thank goodness). Because of the time zone changes, he is scheduled to arrive in Dallas at 4:35pm on Saturday 12/22/07. Since it is a military charter, there is no flight number. He does not have the information yet for the last leg of his trip (let’s hope he can come directly to San Diego from Dallas)… so I don’t know if he will be in Dallas for an hour or three hours. Flights are filling up fast, no kidding, but he’s hopeful that he will make it to San Diego on Saturday night. If he gets a direct flight from Dallas, his arrival into San Diego will be an hour later than the Dallas departure (again because of the time difference).

I still have no voice and a horrible cold. I guess it’s better that he not be exposed to me right now, and otherwise he would spend his time off with this nasty cold. Pat also missed the Navy game here in San Diego tonight too… but it’s raining and Navy lost to Utah 35-32. I will let you know if there are any updates.

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