Sunday, December 2, 2007

Navy Wins!

Navy Wins! Six in a row, quite a season and quite a streak. Perhaps we can match the streak that Notre Dame had over Navy. It was a great game for Navy winning 38-3, in case you missed it. Navy has won the Commander's in Chief Trophy again and they are off to San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl on December 20th. Editor's Note: And BC lost... choked really. Ending the season 10-3, they are off to Orlando Fl to play in the Champs Sports Bowl on Dec 28th. The Eagles will face the 7-5 Michigan State Spartans. I've never heard of the Champs Sports Bowl either... but it is certainly better than the MPC Computers Bowl on the blue field in Boise Idaho last year!

The weather is starting to get cold here in Afghanistan. Some areas are getting snow, we have been getting very cold rain here in Kabul. I think it feels colder when the weather is not quite cold enough to snow and you get that wet, cold weather that sends a chill through your whole body. I was actually looking forward to a little rain to clear up the air and clean out some of the smog.

This week marked two significant events, one for the country of Albania and one for Romania. We have both Albanians and Romanians who work for us here in CJ4. We were invited to Albania's Independence Day celebration at the Turkish Camp here in Kabul. Albania's Independence day is November 29, 1912. We listened to a couple speaches and then had a some nice appetizers in an underground bunker. They had bread, cheese, sausage, chicken and various dips. They also had real beer and wine, of course we could not have any. The most interesting thing about the ceremony was the number of countries represented. It was like being in a Benetton commercial. I noted the following countries represented: Albania, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Turkey (it was their compound), Poland, France, Italy, Germany and of course the USA.

The Romanian's National Day was December 1, 1918. We were invited to have a barbecue at the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) compound. The evening was chilly and raining. I am sure it would have been nicer if it was not raining, but the food was outstanding and we enjoyed a slide show about Romania. If you did not know, Transalvania is in Romania and the slide show gave a nice overview of how Dracula became famous.

This past week we had a very serious incident. A VBIED (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device) exploded right outside the Eggers compound.

The blast hit three vehicles in a convoy that were heading out for the day. Fortunately, they were in armored SUV's and no one in the vehicles was seriously injured. Innocent passers by were hurt however. The blast was so close to Eggers that you heard the bomb blast throughout the camp. We all thought we were getting a rocket attack. So the sirens sounded and everyone put on their gear and ran to the bunkers for safety. It was around 7:30 am so some people were just getting ready for work and others were wondering around. I was just about to eat breakfast and heard the blast and then saw the huge tower of smoke that was created from the bomb. It was pretty scary, I am just glad that it did not cause as much damage as it could have. I recently read an article that stated that the number of deaths in Afghanistan was now higher than Iraq. Not a good sign, I am hoping the cold weather and snow will slow the Taliban down.

So it was a very interesting and international week. It is a great experience to work with and get to know people from so many different countries and cultures. I continue to stay busy and just counting down the days until I go home for Christmas.

Back on the homefront, Rebecca, Thomas and Madigan made it back home to San Diego and are back in the grind of work and school.

Peace to you all,


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