Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stuck in Kuwait

From the Editor (Rebecca): The good news is that Patrick will be home until January 5th or 6th… the bad news is that he is currently stuck in Kuwait. He was hoping to get home on Thursday the 20th of December. The escape, I mean his leave, started out ok… an uneventful convoy to Bagram from Kabul. And he waited for quite some time in Bagram only to get diverted to Qatar before going to Kuwait. (When he was trying to go to on leave in September to Qatar, he had to go to Kuwait first – go figure!) So tonight he called after making it to Kuwait… he is being assigned a “room”, but really it’s a bed in a big tent, to wait in until Friday the 21st. He will get his tickets on Friday the 21st, so he still does not know when he will be coming through Dallas/Ft Worth… but it won’t be before Saturday the 22nd. I will let the Dallas welcoming party know his itinerary as soon as I can… He thinks he will be going from Kuwait to Shannon, Ireland… then onto the States through Atlanta… to Dallas… and then finally to San Diego. We’ll be lucky to get him Saturday night, but more likely on Sunday the 23rd… which quite frankly is just cutting it WAY to close to Christmas for me. I will NEVER ever complain again about traveling in the US from one coast to the other… And just in case you are wondering, he is not allowed to have a beer until he is home here in San Diego.

Yes I am disappointed and yes VERY cranky about this new development. I will come up with some Pollyana way to deliver this news to the kids (or I’ll make my friend Kristin who is here from NYC do it for me).

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