Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Wii little story

Curious isn't it how I became Scottish while in Afghanistan? Not really, Wii is the name of video game like XBox 360 and Play Station. I knew little of this game called Wii, and yet it has become one of the hot toys for this year... and hence hard to obtain in time for Christmas. Rebecca and I have always debated purchasing a video game system... our concern primarily that the kids would become addicted, or more likely she and I would waste hours playing mind numbing games. After looking into the Wii, and realizing it was interactive and required moving around to play it, we decided this would be a good Christmas gift for the kids. Rebecca began searching for places to purchase a Wii console, only to find it was unavailable at most stores and on line the prices were quite high. The actual price of the game is about $250 and yet they were selling for more than $500 or $600 in some places. At Walmart there was a deal for over $600 and required buying a bunch of games for the unit. She continued her search and was ready to have our friend Kristin, who lives in New York City, stand in line at the Ninetendo Store in Rockerfeller Plaza for a chance to buy one.

Thus began my search. So I talks to my guy. (Editor's note: I believe Pat is trying to use a wiseguy accent here, so I will let the grammtical error slide.) Yes, I gots a guy and he says he has tracked down two units as he was in the market as well. He was able to find the units in Bagram, Afghanistan at the Exchange there. So he makes arrangements to have them sent to us in Kabul and about a week later, they are delivered and we have our Wii's. So, I am half way around the world and find a Wii in Afghanistan for $250 and no tax. I will be carrying it home with me and hope I don't get mugged for it.

I have been easing my way out here at the office, making sure I pass down any information regarding current projects and things that need follow up. I leave the operations in good hands and know that I will enjoy my time off.

As the Christmas season is upon us, and this is the time we think about giving to others, I thought it appropriate to tell you of a story about a friend of mine. His name is Jerry Lenaburg and I went to the Academy with him. After the Academy he served in the Navy, as we all were required... and was soon married to a wonderful woman named Mary. Jerry and Mary had a son Jonathan and all was well. Soon after they had a daughter named Courtney, but she was born with disabilities and many complications which has caused an extreme emotional and financial hardship for the Lenaburg's. Jerry left the Navy to be home more and help with his daughter. The financial strain of caring for Courtney, has caused them extreme distress. They have remained strong for years trying to do it all on their own, but they are now in extreme financial trouble due to all of the medical bills. These are very good people, just doing what is right and now they need help. If you are looking for someone to help this season, the Lenaburg's are in need. If you would like to know more about this story please go to

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.

Peace to you all,

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