Friday, December 21, 2007

Still Waiting...

From the Editor: OK… Patrick just called from Kuwait again… it is 3:45am there. He is in a big tent with some chairs, no beds and no heat. He is with a lot of other people freezing their butts off waiting for a bus to come at 7:30am to take them to the airport. He had to shut his phone off because his battery is almost dead and there is no way to recharge it. He does not really know what time he will get into Dallas (since the original take off at 6:20am is impossible now) but his brother Bill is being told 10pm on Saturday night. He is suppose to be on an American Airlines flight coming into San Diego at 12:05pm on Sunday. Not sure what he will do from 10pm until he takes off the next morning, but if he can leave the airport and go to his brother’s house in Dallas, I am sure there will be scotch involved. He said all I need to know is to be at the San Diego airport in terminal 2 on Sunday at noon. I’d bet anything that Thomas will be up at 5am on Sunday.

I just told the kids, Thomas started to get weepy and Madigan is just really angry. Thomas has had it with the ‘just one more day” promise… Madigan is all confused and afraid he will miss Christmas or Christmas Eve. We have been washing Patrick’s clothes all day so that he has something to wear when he gets here – it’s amazing how yucky clothes smell after sitting in a drawer for a year. Not a good day at the Wade house.

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